Science is everywhere. Science is for everyone. What is science going to do for you?

Be a Science Pirate

We provide personalized parties, science shows, and in-school special events for all ages, from primary school to over 18s. Set sail for fun!

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Science Alliance’s main goal is disability empowerment. We provide world class programs for young people with intellectual disabilities, aimed at increasing their skills development.

We provide personalized programs, that people may access through NDIS funding or independently. We also provide programs for schools and community groups. We can interact with schools and families to provide specialized assistance for individual students. And we provide training and professional development for disability professionals, teaching staff and care-givers.

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This is an alliance between science professionals and the disability community. We provide school events, group classes and individual programs for people with intellectual disabilities. Staff training is also available.


Exploration and entertainment is the name of the game. We provide science fun for all sizes of functions and for all ages.

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We have a Medical Alert Dog named Max. Max is also a pirate. There is currently a Service Dog in training called Andi. Andi is a bit of a scallywag, but should grow into a fine pirate.

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Sponsors, Partners & Alliances

In 2017 Science Alliance was recognized as a world-class program by the Australian National University and the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Since then Science Alliance and Science Pirates run programs both across Australia and globally, with the help of our many sponsors, partners and alliances.